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Sash Windows

Replacing traditional sliding Sash Windows requires considerable care and attention. Rather than go to all that expense, why not exchange them for a contemporary version of the original sash design from Balhousie? They have all the character of a timber sash window but with no chance of rotting, warping, fading or general wear and tear for a lifetime.

From the outside they look like traditional sash windows but they have been cleverly redesigned with a tilting mechanism, so you can even clean them from inside. 

The tilting option also means you can safely leave your windows partially open, so you can let fresh air in and avoid overheating during the summer. And, of course, because they look traditional and fit with the style of your house, they’ll always look perfect.

Balhousie’s showroom in Perth is a must-see if you’re interested in buying the very latest Sash Windows.